Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Food Blogger For A Day....

Glad I could give you the Costco idea. I hope they sell them everywhere because  I wouldn't move anywhere they didn't sell it in Costco ;)

First topic today is losing motivation. I have seen Annie talk about it and Missy in the last 2 days. I think a lot of people are feeling burnt out right now....Myself included. I have been doing this over 10 months now and I am tired of talking about it. It is my "battle of a lifetime"! I think about food, exercise, and being thin all the time. I have since I was 12 and now that I am doing something about it, it is all I can talk about. I am sure I am annoying. Bottom line is, I am ready to live and not over focus on being perfect. So, I think if we all just hold on and stick together....this too shall pass.

Second topic...I was a food blogger today. Let's start with breakfast.
5 strawberries, greek yogurt and  a sprinkle of Fiber One cereal.
All together now....

Salad with a touch of poppy seed dressing, open faced tuna sandwich, and 2 kiwis for desert.

I was so hungry when I got home from work that I had to snack on..
A Fiber One bar.

Dinner was unusual. Usually I have fruit a protein and a salad. However, all the food in my house is designated camping food. So, I had...
Fiber One cereal with soymilk and a banana. It surprisingly hit the spot.

Obviously my 100 dollar camera isn't amazing, but it works just fine. What do you think of my food blogging. I might just do it from here on. We shall see.


Anonymous said...

I love the food blogging! I'm always looking for meal ideas so this is great! I hope you continue doing it. :)

Missy said...

I like food blogs b/c it always gives me ideas of foods I can try. Some things look really good that might otherwise not sound that appetizing!

Thanks for the mention today ;o)

Corletta said...

Ma'am...I LOVE your food blog. It gives me ideas that I have never though about before. Yup..I love it...just sayin :)

Tiff said...

Whoo hoo! Those fiber one bars save my life! Looks like a yummy day of eating :)

The 50 Best Health Blogs said...

Strawberries, yogurt, and Fiber One? I thought I was the only person that did that.

I use the Original Fiber One, with plain yogurt, and I add stevia to sweeten it. Easy to fix, and tastes great!