Monday, August 9, 2010

Welcome To Half Marathon Training!

Today marks the first day of half marathon training.
Today the.....
Number of times I almost threw up today........4!
Number of times I have ran since April.......Uh 10!
Number of weeks until my half marathon.......12!
Number of times I have been pissed at Nimrag the "Garmin"....1,000!
Number of times I have wanted to cry....3!

I have a huge post to put up about some things I have been going through with my family recently. It goes along with my "healthy lifestyle". AND.....I am doing my first GIVEAWAY!! Please come back tomorrrow and enter...You know you LOVE free stuff!!


Tricia said...

so exciting! good luck with your training!

Corletta said...

I do love free stuff! I also like that you are blogging again :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Sorry you been going through it lately. Hope things are fine. glad to be back reading your blog. Your one of my favorites. :)