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Gideon's Birth Story

This story starts years ago! We were actively trying for over 2 years to get pregnant!! I went through so much anger and sadness that by the end of 2014, I was done thinking I would EVER get pregnant. So, we "took a break" from really trying. I told my husband we would see a fertility doctor in June if it hadn't happened by then!

Well, imagine my surprise when I found out on May 22, 2015 that I was pregnant! I was soooo excited that I started a blog JUST for the baby! That didn't last long though. I was busy...working, pregnant, house to clean, prepping for baby to be done and many other things!

My pregnancy wasn't much to talk about, which is another reason my blogging it didn't happen. It was smooth sailing. No real symptoms, no real cravings, no scares at all. Just kind of "boring", I guess. I also didn't show a ton after about 18 to 19 weeks, which I thought was weird, but my OB told me I would probably pop at the end because it's my first baby.

At my 23 week checkup, I had higher than my normal blood pressure. It was something like 135/85. My normal was 114/70. My doctor had fallen and was not in the office that day, but the doctor filling in said to have me come back in 2 days and to take it again. Two days later, it was higher than my normal, but a little lower than before. So, they gave me the list of symptoms and said if any of them popped up to go to labor and delivery. My doctor's RN said, "It's not likely you have pre eclampsia because that happens close to the end, rather than middle of pregnancy. If you do have it though, it's really bad and you have no symptoms". With that, I felt a little more relaxed, but that was all about to change.

I had a check up at 27 weeks and my doctor wrote an order to have me get another ultrasound of baby. I asked if I should be concerned and she said, "No. I just want better pictures of his heart because the last ones weren't great due to positioning.". Again, I wasn't worried. I scheduled the appointment for the next week.

I had a baby shower that weekend. I was 28 weeks 2 days and I didn't look all that pregnant at all! My baby shower was amazing and filled with so much love for our little man! The anticipation for his arrival was in the air and I loved how excited everyone was to meet him :)

Tuesday the 10th of November was the day of my ultrasound and I was excited to see how much my boy had grown!!! I got to my appointment and was brought into the little room with the TV and ultrasound machine. The vibe from the technician right off was odd to me. When she brought him up on the screen he was so cute! Then, she started measuring his femur and it measured 24 weeks. His head one way was 24 weeks and the other was 25 weeks. I asked her why he measured small because I was 28 weeks and 5 days! She told me it was fine and the doctor would come explain everything to me.

Well, the doctor did come explain and the second she walked in, I knew it wasn't good! She told me I had Placenta Insufficiency, Low to No Amniotic Fluid and Severe Pre Eclampsia! The kicker though, my baby was diagnosed with Severe Intrauterine Growth Restriction! She was going to have to send me to labor and delivery and the remainder of my pregnancy would be in a hospital. She left the room so I could call my husband, but my husband ignored my phone call because he was busy at work. I called our friend, his boss, and told him the situation. He hung up on me and called my husband. My husband didn't answer, so our friend got in his truck and started driving to the job site.

What seemed like an eternity, but was really only 5 minutes passed and my husband called me in tears. He asked what was happening and I told him what I had just been told. He told me he wasn't done with the job, but obviously, was leaving and on his way to me.

I finally got into a room, put on my hospital gown and for 20 minutes I sat and I waited. I kept wondering what was going to happen. Would my boy be here tonight, in an hour, in a month, in 2 months? Then, I started to panic, he can't come now! He's too little! Would he survive? Then, my husband showed up and I have never needed him more! I told him to come hug me and I cried. We started talking a little bit when the room woke up and went crazy.

Before both of us knew it, nurses, doctors, and multiple specialists were in and out of the room.  My blood pressure was 165/110. I was given a magnesium drip (AWFUL) to prevent seizuring, lower my blood pressure and protect baby's neurological system. I got all hooked up to the monitors, they got my belly hooked up to monitors and I was given my first round of steroids. We were then told to make 48 hours our goal and then, for me, time stopped. The magnesium made me feel like what I imagine the date rape drug would be like. I wasn't a person anymore. I was officially "gone". So, my husband was awesome and took in all the information we were being given. Once everything settled for a second, we started calling our immediate family to let them know our situation.

We had a nurse assigned to only us for the night. A short time after calling, our families started to arrive. We spent much of the time explaining what we'd been told, but the bottom line was, the baby will most likely be here in a couple of days to a week.

Tuesday night, I was put on 10 liters of oxygen to see if they could get baby boy's heart rate to stabilize because it had been dipping. The oxygen worked great, but it SUCKED!! I was so dry and not allowed any water or food for fear I would have to have an emergency c section. I was miserable, but took it like a champ because I knew I needed to stay calm and as low stress as possible to give him a fighting chance.

That night, we met with the pediatrician of the NICU and he told us that he had a 13 ounce baby survive and the only long term issue was eye glasses. That was SUCH a RELIEF for us! He's small at an estimated 1.5 pounds, but he could survive! He also told us that we may have a 24 week size baby, but he is really 29 weeks for his development.

By Wednesday morning, my blood pressure and baby's heart rate had completely stabilized. I was given food and DRINKS!!! We continued to have visitors. My husband left to take care of our dogs and grab a few things from our house. It was a nice day given our situation. I was given my second dose of steroids that night and our goal for 24 more hours started.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, I was put back on oxygen because of baby's heart deceleration and my rising blood pressure got me another magnesium drip. Around 6:30 AM we had an ultrasound tech come in to check baby out. He hadn't grown and he was breech. We asked him when baby was coming, but he didn't know.

At about 9 AM, my doctor came for rounds. We were talking like maybe we could wait a while longer, hopefully days, but she dashed that hope when she said, "Baby isn't good! I will find another doctor to assist me and I will see you in the operating room shortly". Our families had begun to arrive and were coming to take turns wishing us good luck and giving us support.

At about 9:45, I was wheeled into the OR to have our son. The doctor told us that we had mere seconds to snap a photo if we wanted because she would get him out and immediately send him through the doors to the NICU team who were waiting for baby in a heated room.

The surgery started at 10:12AM and by 10:16, we had a baby boy. The doctor said, "Get ready! Here he comes!" My husband snapped one picture. I said, "Is that him whimpering?" They told me yes and I started to cry! I was a mommy! He was handed through the doors and they went to work. We had been warned that it could take a couple hours for us to hear anything about his condition because they needed to stabilize him.

My doctor went to work "putting me back together". Whilst doing so, she said, "Where's the rest of it?". I said, "Uhh..the rest of what??". She then told me she'd found our problem. I have a unicornuate uterus, meaning I only have half of a uterus. To say I was blown away was an understatement, but finally, there's some sort of answer as to why I couldn't get pregnant for so long.

Ten minutes after the hand off to the NICU team, the doors opened and she said, "Baby boy is doing great. He's only on C-Pap!" Then the door was closed.

That's really where his story begins, so I'll share that starting soon in small parts. There's a lot to cover in his 124 day NICU stay.

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I really like hearing your side of the story. You are very descriptive.
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