Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fantastic Breakfast Idea!

So, I have been eating the same thing essentially every morning since Monday. The recipe is easy:

Whatever veggies you want to eat, for me...

This batch is
Red Pepper
Orange Pepper

5 egg whites
4 full eggs

1. Saute up veggies of your choice
2. Beat the eggs
3. Add sauteed veggies to beaten eggs
4. Grease a pan(in my case, I lay tinfoil down and spray Pam in it)
5. Throw in the oven at 350
6. Set timer for 15 minutes
and Voila!

A delicious, clean and healthy breakfast! I heat up a square of it and toast up a sandwich thin. It holds me over from about 8:30AM to 1:30 or 2PM. I always bring a snack "just in case" and have only needed it once.

Just throwing ideas out for my favorite bloggy's!

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Anonymous said...

Looks delicious!! I love having these for breakfast.