Thursday, October 29, 2009

A weeks worth of words...

Coming up with some inspiration to write these days is far and in between! I'm exhausted this week. Emotionally, physically, mentally, and "weatherly"! It snowed on Monday, and Tuesday. However, it didn't stick to the ground. It's gone now and it's just cold out. I hate being cold!! It's the worst, but I am thankful that I have a warm bed to sleep in every night and a handsome man to warm me up when I get home from work ;)

Exercise wise, I'm not doing fabulous, but not terrible. Skipped running Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm going everyday the rest of the week and also doing the "30 day shred" twice a day to get caught up to where I should be for "Operation 4 by 11/24". I don't think i'll be a size 4 by then, but i'm going to push myself HARD!! I'm getting a treadmill from Loves brother, but I have to replace the "motherboard"'s 100 bucks! I hate paying it, but at least I don't have to buy a new treadmill for 800, right? I'm so excited to bring my running inside though, for real!

Food wise: I've been decent. Not great, but decent. Lots of fruits and veggies. Lots of chicken. Some enchiladas(I know!!). Not many sweets at all, which are my number one weakness!

Family wise: My parent's divorce is a soap opera! I often say "These Are The Days of Our Lives", very dramatically with a thick accent! I wish they'd just get divorced and my mom would tell someone the truth instead of feeding us full of BS!!

To my readers: I am still reading all of your posts! However, I haven't had much to say lately! Comments will resume ASAP!

Stay tuned for a better post....Tonight, the story of my weight!


Anonymous said...

You've been mega busy lately... I hope things calm down soon!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've had a lot going on. Things will get better! Just hang in there! :-)