Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Inspiration Much?

Good Morning Everyone!!

These past few weeks have been LONG. I'm working 2 jobs, getting healthy, hitting the gym, taking care of my puppies, cleaning house(which Babe does help with), and am suffering from a slight case of insomnia. I say slight because, well, I CAN sleep....once I go to sleep 2-3 hours later than i'm used to. What am I doing in those 2-3 hours...TV watching, blog reading and laying in bed. I should be preparing my lunch or laying out my clothes, but do I? No, I need discipline.

I bought a pedometer at Costco yesterday and it is a hunk of junk. It said I walked 6 steps....when I was driving(hmmm..strange)! So, i will be taking it back today. I want a pedometer that really works and is fairly accurate. Any suggestions?

Babe's cousin, Lil, is telling everyone that I am her inspiration for working out and losing weight! It is so nice to hear and definitely strokes my ego. In this journey, I have definitely learned a lot about myself and who I want to be. I want to be an inspiration, a role model, a friend and a confidant to people struggling with the same thing as myself! This is something we don't have to do alone. We must find the power to do it in ourselves, but someone is always there to lean on and that is the most important  thing i've learned through this journey.

I did 8 minute abs(found on YouTube.com) this morning....Geesh! What a great ab workout. Looking forward to doing it everyday :)

Babe bought delicious truffles....which are too dangerous for me. I had a serving and a half yesterday....not good, but i am not beating myself up over it. I'll eat them in moderation, but Babe will have them gone really fast :) so i'm not too worried!

Eating has been on. Working out hard this week. I have a christmas party Saturday and I want to look SMASHINGLY GORGEOUS.


Stephanie said...

Watch out for truffles. They are dangerous! ;)
BODA lose weight

karen@fitnessjourney said...

That is so cool that you are someone's inspiration! That must feel really good.