Sunday, May 30, 2010

Arby's, Chocolate, and French Toast....Oh My!!

This weekend I have been out of control and my body is sure feeling it! I have had nothing but crap and too much crap. Today, I have to revert back to 80% clean eats because these headaches, tummy aches and weight gain just aren't worth the food I have been eating.

It's been a convenience weekend. I could have gone to the grocery store, but no, I don't feel like it seemed the better answer. I suck!! Love and I talked last night and these late meals and crappy food are taking it's toll on us. Back to the days of planning and controlling.

On the upside, I ran Tuesday(4 miles in 39 minutes), Wednesday(3.8miles in 41 minutes) and Friday(4 miles in 39 minutes). I did run 3 times and 2 were great runs. I have never run that many miles that fast before. I am trying to train my body to run 6 miles at a time and do it under 10 minute miles every time. It is soo hard to get back into it once you have taken over a month off from running 5 days a week. I am not sure the half in July is going to happen or not, but I am still aiming for it. 

So......This week I will:

***Not overindulge this week, at all!
***Plan every meal, even eating out!
***Say no to sweets, desserts and snacks that are not "clean"!
***Run 5 days and 20+ miles!
***Get back to 125 by Wednesday!
***Remember WHY I am on this journey and work harder than ever to get closer to goal!

Hopefully I can fit in a run today, but I have to be to work shortly and we may have to take Love's brother out to dinner right when I get home! I have a broken treadmill(so it isn't an excuse not to use it), that I would use it if I could. I am going to search for a treadmill online and hope I find a nice, cheaper one for days like this!!

Have a great weekend, my friends! Happy Memorial Day to y'all!


Lindsay said...

Awesome plans for this week! Have a good Memorial Day.

Missy said...

It's funny how convenience food sounds soooo good, but then you feel sooo bad when you eat it!

Good plan for getting back on track!

Tricia said...

great goals for this week!

Corletta said...

Girl....everything you wrote in this dang post sums up exactly how my weekend was. NOTHING is worth the blah feeling that I have felt...THE ENTIRE WEEKEND :(. Thanks for posting your goals for the week!! Those are great ones that motivate me as well!!