Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is my Confession....

I am a member of the Clean Your Plate Club!! Shame, I know. However, that doesn't mean I constantly overeat! I have been filling 3/4(sometimes 1/2) of my plate with veggies and fruit. Then, the other 1/4 is what ever I want.

For instance, last Thursday, I had a huge salad with 30 cals of dressing, 1/2 cup of strawberries, 1/8 cup ham fried rice, 3 small pieces of orange chicken, and a veggie eggroll. All in all, I think I did pretty well.

There was also this 1 day....yes 1. The first time in a long time I remember not cleaning my plate in a long time. It happened Monday night. I ate a big salad and heated a little Totino's pizza personal pizza. 320 calories of processed love, for sure! I ate half of it and realized I was done. I didn't want to eat the other half. I was satisfied and happy. I offered it to Love and I think he was a little surprised. It did feel great!!

Being a member of the Clean Your Plate Club doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Here are a few ways that I try to limit eating HUGE portions of not so great food choices:

1. I always do a bigger portion of the lower calorie foods. Typically a spinach salad with grape tomatoes and 1 tbsp of dressing. I usually pair it with strawberries, grapes, or a banana.

2. I take a 1/4 of the portion size that I used to eat. If I am still hungry, I will add another 1/4 or so.

3. Going along with #2, I wait 10 minutes or so before I decide to go for seconds. Sometimes though, I have a small dessert when I still feel hungry.  Usually 2 or 3 bites satisfies me :)

4. If I have the munchy feeling, I clean and put away all of the leftovers immediately after dinner and make a constant mental note to NOT eat anything. I have a very strong will.

5. At restaurants, I always try to order a healthy dish that I can take 1/2 or more home for leftovers. I do have to be careful and aware of how much I am consuming and really try to slow down.

Are you a member of the Clean Your Plate Club? Any tips on being and Ex Club Member?

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Corletta said...

I am totally a member of that dang club. The only difference is that OVERINDULGE every time. This is why I have to make sure there is NOT to much on my plate. UGH...I have a strong will, but NOT in this area!!! I'm workin on it though!