Sunday, August 30, 2009

Staying On Task...

My biggest problem with exercise is my mind wanders. I "allow" my self to take breaks when it gets too hard....Wrong, Very Wrong. Today, I did my second week of training. It was supposed to be the last of 4-6 days that week, however it was only the third. I'll be repeating it next week.

I did stick to it though. I ran the whole time I was supposed to run. No stopping. I pushed through and it felt so phenomenal.

"Loves" and I had a barbecue at his aunt's house tonight. I didn't really do that great at eating, but I listened to what my body had to say. I ate until I was satisfied and I feel good.

Now, I just need to work on drinking enough water. I drink 60+ ounces a day, but I'd like to double that. I feel dehydrated, especially when I exercise.

Overall, I think week 2 went fairly well. Week 1 was awesome, but for getting sick the first part of week 2 and being in bed for 2 days....Week 2 wasn't horrible.

I actually won't be weighing myself until the end of week 4. I know what I started out at and I get VERY discouraged on the weeks I gain or don't lose, so i'll only be weighing every 2 or 4 weeks.

Week 3 starts tomorrow.....

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