Monday, July 5, 2010

Good Afternoon!

Hi Everyone! Here I am again. This will be the only day that I post 3 times a day. I rarely get on the Internet when I am at work, so maybe a morning and evening post or once a day post will be my schedule. We'll see how it shakes out.

Well, I cleaned for about an hour and then Love had a surprise for me!! I packed up another coffee with soy milk and agave nectar.

  Onto my surprise...we went to "Bird World Pet Village", a local pet shop! He goes to see fish stuff and I go to see the PUPPIES!, Kitties, and bunnies...Mostly the puppies though. I play with them and pet them, oh be still my frickin' heart. Then, we hit up another fish store. No purchases today though. Couldn't find anything we loved. We left the fish store and decided it was time for lunch.

Luckily, we were right up the street from my favorite sandwich place. "Village Baker" was introduced to my life about 8 years ago and ever since I have gone their all the time. I used to drive 45 minutes to get a sandwich....45 MINUTES! It really is that great.

I typically get the turkey and provolone sandwich on honey whole wheat with mayo/mustard mix, tomato, and iceberg lettuce. However, today I asked for it dry and with no lettuce. I brought it home took one half and topped it with honey mustard and some spinach. It tasted so different without the mustard/mayo mix, but that is NOT a bad thing. I tasted all of the natural ingredients the sandwich had to offer...mostly the provolone! Yum! It made for the perfect lunch.

On the side, I had a single serving of carrots(Costco, I love you even more!), and a half of an apple. Today is going great so far.

I have decided that I am doing the no sweets for a week again. Today is day one. About 20 minutes after I told Love that I was doing it, he does this........
A huge snicker doodle cookie and 2 route 44 slushes from Sonic. you want me to punch you? Ha. Kidding! I didn't actually even think about having either. Go me.

How do you deal with temptation?

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