Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gusto Lost!

So, I keep promising food blogging follow through, but have failed miserably. I feel like if I don't report or take a picture, it didn't happen. I can not continue to do that because it isn't helping me lose any of this last 17 pounds. Speaking of which...

127.2 is what the scale said yesterday. To say I feel awful is an understatement. That is a 2.9 pound gain and that crap ends there. I will not continue going up. I WILL NOT!

So, I rededicate my life to myself. I will get to my goal and I will be successful. I bought a new notebook and have a pretty pen to write down food, water, bowel movements(I can tell a lot by how many BM's I am having), and my daily to do lists for cleaning and such. I feel it will help me to get more in touch with myself. From my body to my mind. I love lists and this will help :)

Now that that is said....let's get onto my clean clean eats for today :)

Looked like this, except with blueberries and original fiber one cereal.


Spinach salad with 1 small cucumber, 5 grape tomatoes, roasted squash and peach and mango salsa on top. On the side was a cheese stick and dessert was grapes(no pics, sorry).
My lover made me a great steak. I had a 3 oz. cooked portion. We buy our beef from a local butcher and it is grass fed. I can totally tell the difference in the taste and quality of the meat. On the side I had zucchini and salad with poppy seed dressing.

Then, Love and I took the pups on a walk.
Here is my baby girl and I. It was a touch windy so I have that crazy hair in my eyes.
My boys.

When we got home it was time for dessert.
 Frozen Yogurt. It is a small cup for only 150 calories and yummy blueberries on top. Not so clean, but eh...I can limit what is clean and what isn't.

I will be back tomorrow...........I PROMISE.......I PROMISE MYSELF!!


Missy said...

Come on girly, girl! We can do this. I too have lost my gusto and cannot seem to get it matter how much I hate that my clothes are fitting tighter again. ugh. We can do this. We can do this...!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a question. Do you feel sometimes like taking a (short ) break from your wight loss journey? Not too go crazy or anything, but just to try maintaining your current weight. I lost over 20 pouds since January, I'm in the high 120's right now, with a goal weight of 120 (I'm 5'3). But I've been stucked at this weight for 1-2 months now, and I'm getting obsessed, and it is not helping. I'm thinking about one-month off, to refocus. DOes that sound absolutely crazy? Anybody ever done that?
Thanks :) For everything :)

Continuous Changes said...


Thanks for the comment/question. This is one thing that I continue to struggle with. I feel obsessed sometimes. I think taking some time off to refocus is a great idea. There has been times that I didn't focus so much on my weight loss as I did just living. I do take breaks. They may be mini, but they are breaks nonetheless.

Right before my half marathon, I didn't obsess about food at all. I was just focused on completing my training and my half marathon. I have thought about taking a break after my one year anniversary(August 21) to figure out what and how I want to continue. Right now, I don't necessarily feel stuck or obsessed. I am learning a lot about WHY I keep going up and down.

One thing I would also like to point out is that I am making a lifestyle change and you can't really take a break from your lifestyle :) I feel my weight loss and maintenance will always be a journey.

I hope that answers your question :)