Sunday, July 4, 2010

On Track?

Friday morning I got my cute butt out of bed and went to the gym. I ran 2 miles in under 20 minutes. That showed me that I still can run. My first day of couch to 5k it took me 15 minutes to "run/walk" 1 mile. Now, I do it more than 5 minutes faster. It's been a long, and sometimes, extremely trying road. I have learned so much about myself in that time. I have run a half marathon in a rather impressive time for a first timer(2:16:00). I have learned that I LOVE most veggies that I have never tried before(brussel sprouts, artichokes, banana peppers). I don't need to overeat to cure the sadness I feel sometimes. Running is my therapy.

However, I really need to rededicate myself to this journey, to my life! I owe it to myself to be healthy, happy and fit. I have slid off track in the past 2ish weeks and I do not like this feeling. I didn't actually realize it until a serious talk with my Love.

We were on our way camping and he ran into one of his best girl friends from high school. So, he introduces me and I looked like a rodent you would find on the side of the road. My hair was curly and a mess, I had rubbed off all of my makeup(which I don't normally wear a lot of), and I was in chill clothes(we were going camping). I was embarrassed with how I looked, especially with how fondly he talks of this girl. He asked me a question that he never has before, "Why don't you dress yourself up and presentably every day? Most days you wear a t shirt and jeans. You look like a high schooler and not a 25 year old!" Oh my gosh, he was totally right. I can't remember the last time I put on heels to go to work, or dress pants, or a shirt that wasn't a plain ol' t shirt. I used to be the girl with no self esteem who tried to hide it with heels, too much makeup and clothing that was in style. I was faking all of it. Now, I am the woman who has lots more self confidence in the way I look, but I feel I lack in the way I dress and don't feel like getting ready most of the time.

When we got back from camping, I decided a change needed to be made. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I wore heels, put on makeup, dress pants and cute shirts(still t shirts, but not sloppy tee's) to work. Oh my gosh, it took me an hour(usually 30 minutes) to get ready and that extra half hour truly made a difference. When it comes to clothes I was in the mindset that I am not at goal yet and I can't buy new clothes until I am. I currently have 17 pounds to go. My clothes are all on their last legs. As of today I have 3 pairs of size 4 jeans and all of them need to be hemmed. I would like to sport them before they are too big for me, so that is at the top of my to do list. Because now, I care about clothes and makeup. Mostly though, I care about me and making a good impression, because I am a good person.

So, I am vowing to rededicate myself to getting to goal. In this journey, I have tried counting calories, that lasted a couple of days. I thought about doing weight watchers, but I get lazy. The thing that has always worked for me was desserts very seldomly, lots of veggies & fruits, running, elliptical, and listening to my body. My body is starting to think, not one more crap decision, I am full!

This weeks schedule will include food blogging, working out Monday-Saturday and feeling gorgeous everyday :)

I wish you all a great week :)

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Drazil said...

I bet you looked awesome. Isn't running great? Good for you! Have a great week too.