Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ready For Bed!

How was your day?

Work for me was okay today. Busy at first and then slowed down so that I could play catch up on a few other tasks. I was ready for lunch at 2:00.

Lunch was a repeat from yesterday.
Recycled pic, but I still couldn't find my camera.

After work, I was hungry, but Love was working late and I had some cleaning to do. So, I had a slice of bread with some PB and Jelly. Just a side note, peanut butter has always been my favorite. I read a blogger once who said she only allowed herself peanut/almond butter at 1 meal in the day. I have incorporated that into my life, as well. I could eat it nonstop and I have eaten a full jar before.

I cleaned up around the house and then went to the store.

Once Love got home, we were both ready for dinner. Tonights dinner consisted of a tostada and a side salad.
The tostada had a scoop of beans, hamburger, a little cheese and some peach&mango salsa. My side salad was the usual. Spinach, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and poppy seed dressing!

I needed a sweet and because I am doing no sweets for a week, I decided fruit was a great choice.
A small handful of grapes and one plum which was SUPER ripe....I love ripe ripe plums!!

Today was a good day. I feel so great and motivated. About to hit 100oz. of water. Another gym workout tomorrow morning. Gonna do an hour of cardio and some weights.

How do you pull yourself out when you are stuck in a diet rut?

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