Monday, September 21, 2009

2.25 Miles...

Yesterday was the big day, the day I had to run 2 and a quarter miles, nonstop!! It's the longest distance i've had to run non stop in years and damn, it felt GOOD!!

There were many points when I felt like I HAD TO STOP, but I pushed through and just slowed down a bit. I am still doing a horrible job on my times, but i'm going at my own pace. My mile is like 13 or 14 minutes, because i'm a slow runner, but they'll get better in time. I hope to be running a 9 minute mile within the next 2 months time. I start out quick and strong, but then burn myself out quick. I have 2 more run/walks and then it's ALL RUNNING after that. That's when I'm going to work on my pace. Right now, i'm doing run/walks so that's probably the reason my time is super slow.

I got a new iPod Nano yesterday. The whole time i've been doing my training, i've done it without any type of music. It was all just thoughts in my head. Maybe having music will help me focus more on the music than how my body feels and I can pick up the pace a little. I have some Kings of Leon, Alicia Keyes, KT Tunstall, Britney Spears, and many other groups who just get my heart pumping and my feet movin!! I'm excited for my run today. Also, "Loves" pointed out that i'm probably super sore because I don't stretch out nearly enough and he is SO RIGHT! I always stretch before and after, but only for a minute or two! I upped my stretch time to 4 minutes each yesterday and NO SORENESS today! Woohoo!!

I feel really good today, so I hope that I continue with this momentum! I weigh in on Wednesday morning and I really hope I have a loss. The .2 pounds last week bummed me out, but i've fixed a couple of the things I saw me doing poorly and hopefully I see the reward on the scale :)

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sharongracepjs said...

Whooo hooo!! You are so close to your 5K distances!! Awesome!

I need to be better about stretching...I always forget to stretch AFTERWARDS, even though that's when it feels so good and makes the most difference.