Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Weighed In Today...

.....And, No good news to report. I'm up .2 pounds from last week! I hate hate hate the scale. I guess I just have to be a little tighter on my eating and maybe i'll start doing the shred. I have to fit into my size 6 jeans in 2 weeks, but i'm afraid that might not happen!

I'm thinking of getting an actual scale though. I don't know how accurate the WII is. What kind of scale should I buy? I know it doesn't really matter, but some opionions might be nice.

Last night, Loves told me he'd buy me an iPod shuffle! Woot!! We broke 2 of the iPod Classics already this year. So, the shuffle will be used as my personal exercise tool! I'm so excited. I don't get bored on my runs, but when I'm listening to dance-y music or rock n roll, I really pushes me and keeps me going :) I absolutely love it :)

I'm actually down .2 pounds. The WII just isn't reliable. Maybe i'll see what next week brings! Down is Down, right?

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