Monday, September 14, 2009

I Should Have Gotten Water....

Instead, I got a Long Island Iced Tea. It was free poured, which in Utah is ILLEGAL. So, I got a lot more liquor than the 1.5 ounce that is legal.

Friday night, Loves and I took a little nap, chilled at home, and went and got take out from "Mimi's Cafe". I love love love Mimi's. I had salmon and veggies, but I also got the corn chowder which lasted Friday and Saturday. Not too horrible of a choice right? That was until I ate the bread pudding. However, i'm not going to totally beat myself up, because I hadn't had much to eat all day.

Saturday, I started off my day with a 2 mile run at the high school track. I love running on the track! I never thought i'd like running or be able to do it for long. I used to get tired walking up the stairs. Now, I can run 2 whole miles non stop at a good pace. We just hung around the house with our pups for the rest of the day!

Yesterday my legs were a little sore, but I went on a run anyways. Boy, that was an awesome decision. It's so nice to exercise. I feel so much better about my body when I do! Last night we went and saw the "Yeah Yeah Yeahs" in concert and that's where the long island comes in. Too many calories, I know. I was feeling the pain this morning.

You bet your ass next time i'll listen to my inner voice and just order water!!


sharongracepjs said...

ohhh what a hard choice...I LOVE Long Islands!

Anonymous said...

hey chica, don't beat yourself up. i am embarrassed to admit this, but i know that a shot (1 oz) of my fave whiskey is 78 calories. i keep track of my cals all day long just so i can use a few hundred of them on whiskey. oh gawd i am a horrible person! :)

i have never been a mixed drink person, but serve it to me straight up and i will drink it all night.