Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back from the cabin....

So, from Friday to today, I have not actually had a meal. I had planned on foods to bring to the cabin. I was going to make delicious veggie omelettes(for me, C(My Boy) does not like veggies or omelettes), Grilling up some veggies for lunches and dinners to go with the hamburgers and brisket. Yeah, none of that actually happened!

Friday night, we got up to the cabin, turned on the water and gas, and headed back to town for some groceries. The boy was in a hurry, the reason..i'll never know! So, we got some fruit, some juice, some eggs, some cocoa puffs, and uh....candy! After the grocery store, we stopped at taco time. I got a veggie burrito...not a horrible choice, but not great. I listened to my body and it said it was fine at about half the burrito, so I put it away! Good Job, Continuous :)! We got to the cabin and a couple of friends showed up. We ended up playing a drinking game called "Ride the Bus". I drank almost half a bottle of Sangria by myself! And, I snacked!

Saturday, we woke up, snacked played with the dogs, I ran up and down the HUGE hill in front of the cabin a couple of times, and rested. The whole day, I snacked...THE WHOLE DAY! I did NOT however do it in an uncontrollable way! I contained my composure and snacked on plenty of fruit!

Today, it's the boy's b-day! Cake and ice cream was involved. Birthday Pancakes were involved. No exercise was involved and I'm OKAY WITH THAT! I've worked my arse off to lose weight and i've been training hard! I was concious and aware of what I ate and DIDN'T eat this weekend!

I don't beat myself up over the decisions I make! I made them, I can't change them! All I can do is move forward and make tomorrow better! For the first time in my life, I'm actually staying focused and EXCITED about losing weight the right way!

Back to regularly scheduled meals and working out tomorrow! I'm starting the "30 Day Shred Challenge" on October 1st.

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