Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 4: I love cardio!

So, my schedule said I was to do a 3+mile run and strength today. Although my shins feel better, I didn't want to overdue it. So, I walked fast for 30 minutes going up one incline every 2 minutes, did the stair stepper for 8 minutes and finished with 20 minutes on the eliptical! I love the eliptical, but I found my true love at the gym....the Stair Stepper!! It burns so good :)

Eating yesterday was awesome. I have been skipping the clif bars and yogurt in the morning and having a cup of grapes as an afternoon snack, because I am always hungry 2 hours after lunch. So, it's like my desert :) TOM is coming though and I always want lots of chocolate! Not this month, I am not going to go overboard on the chocolate :)

Something for fun: When I was 5 years old, I skipped cheerleading practice to go ride my older friends bike. The bike was so big that I had to go to a curb to get on it. Well, when I was riding it, I miscalculated a turn and crashed into a chain link fence. The bike fell over and I followed planting my face into the handle bar of the bicycle. I don't want to be too graphic here, but I literally had a hole in my lips/cheek. I had stitches and plastic surgery, but it "spread" after surgery from me smiling too much. So, now I have a scar on my lower lip about an inch and a half long!! It took about 17 years, but I finallly accept and love the scar because it's a story, a part of my history :)

Have a great day everyone!! You'll be hearing from me later tonight :)


Tiff said...

I've been hearing some great things about the stair-stepper, I may just need to give this a try!

You are doing SO good, you will be at 110 in NO TIME!

Get it girl :)

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

A scar from smiling too much! We should all be so lucky! :)

Morgan said...

I'm glad the shins are feeling better!

All scars are beautiful because they tell the stories of our life! Embrace them! :)

Lisa said...

Ah the stair stepper...brings me back to my college days! I used to walk backwards on it :) That is fun but there can be many mishaps! LOL You are just so darn cute too! I love how honest you are in your post and open up just a little more every time. I feel like I am getting to know you as a friend of mine ;)Keep it up girly 110 will get here quickly!

Syl said...

great workout!

When I was little my two cousins (boys) dared me to ride down a really steep hill on my bike pedelling the whole time down. Needless to say I did it i had a black eye and my two front teeth were knocked out a week before my communion. i was always terrified of what would happen before my wedding day, luckly I was ok :-)

Embrace the scar that's what makes you unique and beautiful

karen@fitnessjourney said...

I see scars as a confirmation of a life well-lived. They make you so much more interesting.

LosingThe40 (Nicole) said...

awesome story! I love scars with cool stories behind them.

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Great post! Just watch those shin splints cause they can flare up out of no where. The best thing I found for them: foam rolling. It helps SO much!

Previously Plump... in progress said...

ouu, love the burn of the stairstepper aswell!

Congrats on the training and the upcomming marathons!

Keep blogging!
previously plump... in progress