Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Think, I THINK, I might be Crazy!

So, last night one of my favorite girls in the whole world approached me about doing a half marathon in June! What did I say? Well, HELL YEAH, of course. That means in 2 months time I will complete not 1, but 2 half marathons!! And, I am excited. I will run the Salt Lake Marathon solo, but running the Utah Valley Half Marathon with Jenn will be SO MUCH FUN!! I can't wait. I love Jenn and am so excited that she is going to do this!

Right now, I am battling with the running. I wanted to get in a 5 mile run this morning, but I am hating the treadmill right now. I am so bored. I only got in a little over 4 miles and took a potty break at 2.5! This marathon training is going to be tough. I start officially training next Monday! The training plan starts out with a little less mileage at first. I just hope that I can stay on track with the mileage and get some outside runs going on SOON! I know I can(I AM DETERMINED!!!)

I have not skipped 1 day at the gym this week. I get there between 5 and 5:30 and I dont leave until I am finished!! It's so nice. The place has a lot of people, but they are all good friends! There is a group of ladies that are too cute. Love's aunt is friends with them, so she introduced me :) Now, I don't feel so strange being the only one to not know anybody!

I know that 127 sounds like a good number to be! I agree, I haven't been this small since junior high school. However, I am only 4'11'' tall. So, 127 is still on the high side for me! My other problem is that I am ALL lovehandles. Legs, slim and muscular! Arms, just a little flab! Boobies, going away every day :( Tummy, from the side it is flat! Love handles, FLABBY!!! Now, this is not me hating on my body necessarily.

My love handles are my LEAST favorite, but at the same time, I can't control that all that much. I have scoliosis(curvature of the spine). When I was born, it was discovered that my lumbar(lower spine) never fully formed. My x-rays are basically fragmented(fused) bone matter in my lower back. My upper back curved to compensate for my lower back. The left side of my body is what I would call "normal". The right side is about an inch shorter. Had my back fully formed, I would have been 5'2-5'3.

Anyways, that is my story of why my love handles are a problem for me.

What is your favorite exercise? And what do you do when you just don't want to finish a workout?


Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

CONGRATS on the marathon decision! That's one I'm still afraid of making.

As far as running goes, try switching things back and forth is in incline and speed. I know training for a marathon is all endurance based but it never hurts to just mix it up. Especially if you're bored with it. But awesome job with getting to gym so much!

Just read your sidebar about you love's bday... that's my boyfriend's bday too! Funny!

lyricgirl said...

Great post! I think your love-handles will drop off when you start training for your run.

You should look up some running clubs in your city because they will help you stay motivated. My local YMCA offers a 8 week running course for people preparing for a marathon. You have a wonderful goal.

My favorite exercises are jumping rope and doing jumping jacks. I also enjoy yoga, Zumba, weight lifting and sprinting.

Not wanting to give up on myself is what motivates me to finish my workout.

I also think about my mom riding a bike to work every night in the 80's when her car broke down and she could not afford to get it repaired for a month. Those are the two things that push me to finish.

You can do it - just make it fun!

Lisa said...

Hey Hey Hey! Great post btw! I really enjoyed learning more about you. You sound like an amazing girl with what you have been through :)

My favorite exercise is running because it burns fat and calories very quickly and give me a huge boost of energy afterwards. If I am not feeling into it I simply break down my run into five minute increments to feel like I am accomplishing something every few minutes whether it be sprinting, walking on a steep incline, or walking backwards (this is so hard and makes you sweat like you have never sweat before!) This helps for sure!

Gwen said...

Thank you for stopping by yesterday. You are doing wonderful on your weight loss!!! My favorite excercise is my kickboxing class. They are so high energy and I have made really good friends there. And...when I'm struggling in class the instructor or other members really push me through. Good luck girl!!! XOXO

Missy said...

You are crazy! Good goals though ;o)

Foodie Girl said...

My favorite exercise right now is the elliptical, but it's also my least favorite. It's a love/hate thing. I always want to get off, but don't. Then I feel even better about myself and that blasted machine once I complete!

Shaun and Jenn said...

I cannot wait! Thank you again for the support by doing it with me! I love you too lady!