Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 1 Down! Weigh In

Week one of half marathon officially ended with a 5 mile(56m03s) on Sunday evening! The first week was awesome. I felt strong mentally and physically for the majority of the week. I ran 10:00 miles on Saturday(2) and then got killer side pain and slowed the last mile to 11:42. I pushed myself a little harder than I should. However, it's so much easier for me to run outside than it is inside. The only problem outside is the horrid smog issues we have been experiences. I have a hacking cough after I come back in! Can't wait for it to clear up a little. I can't wait for the heat either. So, week 1 wasn't so bad. I have a 6 miler this Sunday. My longest run ever and I am pumped! I know I can do it!

Last week, eating was less than stellar. I drank 12(yes, 12!) cups of coffee with milk and creamer on Saturday. We went to Red Robin Sunday afternoon and I ate an entire bbq chicken wrap and more than half of the fries with a strawberry lemonade. Holy calories. Last night, at work(the mall job) I was craving sweets. I had 2 cookies(eep) and a diet coke. It was a weak moment, but I took a moment to think about how I felt and I can tell you, I won't be doing that again. I felt so gross and not happy. I did eat at least 1 type of dessert everyday. When I got on the scale this morning, those weak moments came back to haunt me....


That number stared me down and made me think,'You got yourself into this, what did you learn?'! This week, I learned that I need to pay attention to portion control and types of food I am eating. I should have eaten half the wrap and given 3/4 of the fries to Love and definitely gotten a water. I also didn't drink water much this weekend. Maybe 32 oz on Saturday and 50 oz on Sunday. 

This does help me refocus a little bit. I am going to start weighing in on Thursday mornings instead of Mondays. I am definitely not beating myself up though. I made the mistake of eating too much and not high quality foods and now I am just going to turn it around this week and lose all that I gained, plus hopefully a little more. I did gain a little muscle mass, so I know that 1.8 lb gain isn't all fat :) 

How did your week go? Did you have any weak moments? How do you deal best with a weak moment?


Lisa said...

Hey there! I have to applaud you for being so positive. I totally had a weak moment yesterday and practically ate the whole house! My weak moments are those that involve the "lovely friend" that comes around more often than I would like. So needless to say I pretty much taste tested well more than I should have!

I am a little better now than I was before. I would want to continue on the next day because I would feel so mad at myself. So today I feel pretty crapy and super tired and bloated but I am going to force myself to exercise drink a ton of water and not continue down the same road. Because we know where that heads! Great job my dear you are one awesome girlie :)

Anna said...

Good for you! I have my 5 miler for my HM training planned this week. Feeling pretty good today so I'm gonna go for it.

Weak moments? Oh yeah... they're called birthday cake and ice cream! lol!

Foodie Girl said...

The week went great! Glad to see you are doing so well with the running. Keep it up!

Previously Plump... in progress said...

WEEEEE!!!! Seeet :)

good work - I can't wait until it's not ice age outside and I can enjoy my runs again :)

Missy said...

You learned a lot this week. That's the best we can do when we have an off week. Step back, recognize how we feel, make some changes and move on. This week will rock for you!!

Annie, The Amazing Shrinking Girl said...

Minor set back with weight but you're still doing an amazing job! Getting in those miles definitely counts so keep it up.