Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I don't need no babysitter....

This morning started out SUPERB! I woke up out of bed and sprang to my feet. Okay, okay...I hit snooze 2 times! Got up at 5:10AM put on my gym clothes and was out the door. Then, I noticed I forgot my headphones. Back inside it was. Grabbed my headphones and took off for the gym. Then, I realized I forgot my water bottle. I said awe screw it, I can make it 4 miles without my water. 

So, I get to 24 hour fitness to (hopefully) redeem my 7 day free pass. I walk in and the kid doesn't understand what I am asking(he was holding the coupon mind you). So, I explain it to him again. His response, "You can only redeem these after 8AM because the manager has to be present! Can you come back later today". Really? I don't need a babysitter, can't you just let me use it so I can decide whether to join or not? I mean I understand rules and shiz, but it did not say anything on the coupon about certain times you could redeem it. I was PISSED when I left. Today I feel like....maybe I am getting some anger problems!? I just wanted to effing workout HARD! Oh well, I am calling the manager today to see what time "babysitting" hours end. Hopefully, I can make it in there after work tonight(9:30PM) which I am NOT happy about by the way.

End Rant!

The boyfriend and I went to Costco last night and picked me up a SWEET juicer :) So, expect some juicing stories in the near future!

Yesterday's GOTD: Clean out all of the CRAP from the fridge and the pantry. 
GOTD Status: Completed! 

Today's GOTD: Make it back to the gym and hopefully run 4 miles!

"I don't HAVE to get up and go to the gym at 5AM, I CHOOSE to!" 


Brittnie said...

I need to chooser to go to the GYM well said CUZ

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

ugh, that's such a hassle! oh well, props to you for still waking up early =) Oh I love my juicer. my fave are carrots. just carrots. they're so sweet, you don't need to add anything else =)