Tuesday, January 4, 2011

It's 7:11 in the morning...

....and I am actually blogging. Blogging in the morning will work out perfectly for my schedule. As Love leaves for work at 6:45. I don't have to be in the shower until 7:20 or days like today when I am NOT washing my hair, it will be more like 7:30.

I woke up and did 15 minutes of Jillian's 6 week 6 pack DVD. Man, that is tough. I only did 15 minutes because I didn't have time to do the whole thing AND blog. So, I decided I will do what I can and finish it later or do Jillian's yoga meltdown DVD later. 

A couple of more things to add to my new years resolutions are:

**I will drink 1-2 cups of coffee before leaving for work in the mornings. That way I can be focused solely on water consumption all day.

**I will also drink 20 oz. of water before the coffee in the mornings. 

**Remember to take vitamins/iron supplements everyday.

I couldn't get through to 100 oz of water yesterday because I had a 24 oz of coffee to finish and it took me until about 11 AM to do it. 

I realize that my resolutions will be all about baby steps. Starting with the getting up at 5AM. Today, I just COULD NOT DO IT! Not even at 6 I couldn't. My iron deficiency is really kicking my trash lately. I need more veggies/red meat and less sugar and CRAP!

Today's menu:
BF: Oatmeal with raisins, PB and a banana that if I don't eat within 20 minutes will surely be bad ;) 
Lunch: Spaghetti Squash with Sauce
Snack: Apples with White Chocolate PB(?Maybe)
Dinner is going to be Prime Rib, I believe and a big salad.

Today's Agenda, assuming it pans out is Costco. I really love buying fruits/veggies from them because you get SO MUCH!

I am also going to start doing a "Goal of the Day"! Baby steps...Baby steps. 

Today's GOTD: Clean out all of the CRAP from the fridge and the pantry. 

What is your Goal for the Day? I hope you have a fabulous day, because you ARE FABULOUS :)

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