Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Workout and Breakfast: In Style

Workout: 15 Minute Warmup and 2.5 miles on the treadmill(Ran 2 walked half).
Breakfast: Maple Syrup Oatmeal with a Banana and White Chocolate Peanut Butter!(SOOO GOOD!)

I can't believe that half marathon training starts on Monday the 27th. Ahhhh....I am so excited! I know for sure I can do SO MUCH BETTER this year.

Before we get started on the fun, I wanted to let you know that I have decided on a new blog name and actually opened the blog up. Do you plan on following me to my new home? It should be up by Monday morning! I am soo excited. I have a lot of great ideas for that space.

The Gorgeous Paula over at Eat: Watch: Run has gifted me the "Stylish Blogger Award"! Thank you so much Paula, I love getting these fun awards :)

There are 4 duties to perform to accept this award:
1.  Make a post + Link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2.  Share 7 things about yourself.
3.  Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers
4.  Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!

7 Things About ME!
1. I eat the chocolate outside of the Reese's before the peanut butter centers.

2. My due date(when I was in my momma's tummy) was April 1st. I stayed in that warm little home 8 days past that....Procrastination at its finest!
3. I only have a handful of pictures of Chad and I. He hates having his picture taken. This being the cutest EVER!

4.  One day, when I was 5, I was supposed to be at cheer practice, but I had serious issues with paying attention. So, instead I crashed my bike into a fence and my lip went right through the metal handle bar. I had reconstructive surgery. I still have a thick scar on my lower lip from it, but I absolutely love it!
5. I am a nail biter, but am currently trying my booty off to quit! Ahhh....
6. I LOVE beer! Especially Blue Moon with 2 oranges squeezed in it. Yum!

7. My cousin's cousin started calling me Tiffi Tata's when I was 19 or so and there are a few people who still call me that! The truth is, I love the nickname.


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The Lamoreauxs said...

Tiff! Love reading your blog. You are so inspiring! Had to comment because of #7. Love it!