Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Loss

Wow 127.6 today! I lost another 2.2 pounds this week. I really want my goal....like REALLY want it!

I did the first day of Jillian's "6 week 6 pack" DVD last night. I have done it before(2 weeks ago) and made it 8 minutes into it. Last night I did 19 minutes. So, it is a work in progress, but my trouble zone is my tummy. I have NO very little ab muscles. I am anticipating this taking a little longer than 6 weeks at 5 days a week :) The plan is to do this DVD Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I really want a nice tight tummy by summer.

As I have mentioned before, I am moving to "Miles In Murray" before or on next Monday, which is the start of marathon training. So, go follow now. I will post for you to follow me about 1 million times from now until next week. Obviously, I have a lot of work to do on it before then, but I will slowly do that over the next few days :) Some stuff you will get at "Miles In Murray":

  • I want to get a little more personal with my fellow bloggers. I want you to know me, not as continuous changes, but as Tiffani. I am the girl that lives in Murray, Utah with my boyfriend and our 2 dogs. 
  • I am going public and sharing with family/friends. I do not currently have many real life friends reading this. Maybe 5 people. 
  • Goal of the Week, Goal of the Day and Goal of the Month.
  • I will post my full training plan and weekly rundowns of how half marathon/marathon training is going. 
  • Exciting events happening in the near future!! I can NOT wait!!
  • Updates on the fun things we do year round. Birthdays, Camping Trips, Vacations, and lots of pictures included. 
  • What I am eating and drinking.
  • and much much more!
Goal of the Day: Run with Lenny after work. It's gotta be quick, Love hates when I run after dark!

What would you like to see on "Miles In Murray"?


Corletta said...

Huh...I would like to see pictures of your meals!! That was always fun!!! Congrats on your weight loss!!!

Marathon Training Schedule said...

Good luck with your run..and congrats on the weight loss. If you want to check out our training plan marathon-trainingschedule.com it might give you an idea of some variety you can add to your training. It was co-created with Lee Troop 3 x Olympic Marathon Runner